Eontrip (Devlog 001) – Movie Game Jam

Eontrip – Future Period

For the past eight days, I’ve taken a short hiatus on Gongbat (a three year project can take a toll on one’s mind) and decided to enter an itch.io Movie Game Jam. The purpose is to create a game within ten days (Feb 2-12) based on a particular movie scene. The chosen scene for my entry happens to be the mall parking lot scene from Back to the Future, my favorite movie/trilogy!


In order to keep things fresh and interesting, I’ve taken creative liberties with the source material. Reversing the order of vehicles used in the film, the main characters now time travel at 99 mph in a VW Van, and they’re being tracked down by hordes of enemies attempting to stop illegal chrono-jumping.

Eontrip – Jurassic Period

The jam version will obviously be short and sweet (5-10 minute play time), but there will be warps into new territories and some fun shoot-&-dodge gameplay. Collecting fuel cells helps the vehicle to speed up but levels will get more difficult as you progress. Currently there are only 3 levels planned for the initial release, but don’t be surprised to see more in the future.

Expect a post tomorrow or Monday for information and the playable jam version. For more current updates as they come, check my Twitter feedI will also be streaming development heavily this weekend finishing things up.

Systems: Windows, *iOS, *Android (*planned after game jam)

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