Floating Lamp Sculpture Project

The most common facet of modern artwork and cultural aura is dominated by that of digital media. All modern advertising companies would exclaim a marketing campaign to be a lost cause without forms of online expression and sharing. That being said, the roots of any artistic domain are set in physical, tangible artwork- a production that can be held in the real world regardless of what type of media printed or used.

A Digital Grip

Since a young age, the arts had always grasped my attention like none other. A wild imagination had developed and I was immediately hooked to sharing my ideas and creative statements. And upon reaching my teens, and gaining a vaster knowledge of the mathematical world, software and game development peaked my interest. It was a way to share my artwork, similar to before, yet in an interactive way, actually allowing viewers to control changes in the way a story plays out. Your input matters in the world of bilateral media. As an avid lover of video games throughout my childhood, it was a “no-brainer” that one day I would pursue creating my own.

Aside from all of the digital locus clouding classical forms of expression in our new day and age, there comes a sort of love when building a piece in the physical world. That being said, I do continue to seek expressing ideas, characters, and stories all bundled up within my misshapen brain, in this fashion- regardless of how often I am stuck staring into the abyss of code and Photoshop layered windows.

Gongbat Design Sketch

A work-in-progress sketch of the Gongbat, soon to be released in a promotional poster image.

To combat this undying affection to design, I have decided to begin a new sculptural project going hand-in-hand with my current three year stand-off, Gongbat. Working with Monster Makers sulfur-free, wax based clay, over the next few weeks I will be designing statues of the protagonist in all of his punctual pink glory. And what better way to view such a piece than a purposed spotlit base? Below I’ve mocked a blueprint of sorts for the desk piece (including concepts for a switchable model holder that sits high and mighty like the Empire State).

Floating Lamp Sculpture - Concept

The concept for a floating lamp sculpture base. Its design will bend light around the subject, adding contrast and moving the viewer’s eye.

Personal Piece, to Merchandise

Originally this concept was to be a personal one-off desk piece for myself and maybe a few close friends. Upon looking into 3D printing techniques (I have never quite dabbled in them before now), the silicone molding process, and time/material costs, I have decided to sell these designs once I have a finished working prototype. I am looking to keep them affordable as well as high quality. The actual cast molds themselves will be available to purchase separately from the base design, that way in the future once I have sculpted more of the Gongbat forms (gong transformed appearances or even characters from other projects of mine), you will be able to switch them out as you please or even store them elsewhere.

Along the way, I do plan to keep everyone updated here with how this side project of mine is going. I have started sculpting minor head details and ordering parts- which I should have more information on next week. Feel free to use any advice I give as a tutorial to try something of this scope on your own. My knowledge has no price tag. Definitely hearken in closely, as I will be running a contest give away for at least one of these units when they are all finished.

Finally, I would love to hear some feedback on this concept. Anything you would prefer changed/added? And if anyone would like to double-check my electrical calculations and parts, feel free to give me an okay. I do plan on running both battery and 12V AC adapter versions of this piece, to satiate whatever situational needs you would have.

Thank you for the interest if you have made it this far. These lamps should be available shortly after the mobile launch of the Gongbat Kousati update, relatively soon this season.

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