New Song + Music Video Project (Update 001)

Just Because!

As some of my longer-time followers may know, I am very interested in music creation/composition. I play four different instruments currently (guitar, drums, keyboard, and newly violin), and write much more than cover. And every once in a while I decide to record whatever I can muster up.

Currently I am composing alternative music for a new album, lyrics and all (An old album of mine, Pixel Fury, aka the Gongbat soundtrack, can be found here)! The first single I will be releasing will have a trickily done intricate music video to pair. The video is underway in the storyboarding phase- in a very professional tone- being completed in collaboration with Skyray Studios. We are not willing to give away very much information yet, but in collecting props of old radios and alarm clocks, it illuminates a roughly retro/scifi tone.


Your Opinion Matters

With the advent of social crowdfunding in modern creative works, we have also decided to Kickstarter our music video project. This is in order to buy the more expensive supplies and equipment as well as spread the word about the work we’re dishin’ out. Don’t fret, we will be releasing a proof reel of our past work and skill levels, as well as conceptual work beforehand. Expect the campaign in the coming months, as well as juicy merchandise and insider news if you are willing to fund.

Alien Concept

Concept artwork of the alien appearing in the short film

Alien Front View Concept

Alien Side View Concept

We would love to hear your opinion on the early designs shown here, as well as thoughts on running a Kickstarter campaign in the near future. Have a great rest of your day!

The mysterious guy who posts here,

– Zack

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