Gongbat (Devlog 003) – Ear Burstin’ Siren

Introducing Siren

Introducing Siren, the neoteric female lead in Gongbat, who shares the peculiar sound-shifting abilities of our protagonist! The main storyline will now revolve around rescuing her from the clutches of Hark!

A few weeks back now, I had run a quick poll over on Gongbat’s Game Jolt devlog allowing users to vote on the name given to a new character. The winning title ended up being the very one that grew the most on me over time, “Siren”! This minted female lead will appear in the main storyline as an au courant motive to stopping the evil doers!

Anyone Pull the Fire Alarm?

This big change in the story arc will add lots of crazy new elements, including planned additions in mesmerizing puzzles, pixel bat affections, and heavy currents that may allow players to take the role of Siren in their play-throughs (far out of reach addition at the moment, but still a goal). I feel that enhancing the initially weak plot is very important in keeping the player attention span high. The improved gameplay and user interface that has been built deserves a much better cinematic undertone, and as simple a story it may be, longer and larger details will complete the experience full circle. And who doesn’t love earning all of those neat new costumes during bigger, badder encounters?

Not much else of interest has erupted in this surrealist adventure as of late. A small fractional addition to the code optimizations this week (more about this later) did include a new David Bowie-inspired tribute costume, the “Starman”!

And the Spiders from Mars

As weird as it may be, the angelic looking Aladdin Sane getup had myself gawking more than expected. Now you can help the legend live on, flying in style as Ziggy Stardust himself! (There may still be room for a Goblin King outfit somewhere in the future- featured in the very likable Labyrinth)

Hopefully you enjoy the quick news this week, and expect a lot more to come once Kousati version optimizations are complete.

Your friendly neighborhood game developer,
~ Zack

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