T-Shirt Design: Arbys the Silverback Printer Salesman

Arbys T-Shirt Design

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Sometimes you just need a break from your huge 3-year long amazingly huge shooter project, and need to move on to something else. Then you realize that new “smaller” game or album you just started became a monster of its own. And after you humbly do this about seven or eight times over, you will eventually find that simple static artwork designs might be the lesser of a massive headache, or growing tumor-like-needy-Siamese-twin you’ve invested so much time into. All-the-while, everyone is asking “So, when is this going to be finished?” and “I want the new updates, NOW!” The creator yourself is left looking into the abyss of unfinished goop with enormous eyes, a stomach parched for more coffee, and thinking, “God, I really need rethink my career.”

But the next day, I wake up and rinse-repeat (sooner or later that pesky Gongbat update will be out and about, leaving everyone a retro nostalgia experience like never before; hopefully). Today was definitely one of those days.

Arbys the Silverback Gorilla

Artist in Disguise, Procrastinator at Heart

Upon reaching into my bag of unfinished designs, I pulled this funny comedic piece about a printer salesman who also doubles as a talking anthropomorphic silverback gorilla. It was initially an idea developed between a close friend of mine to be pitched as a TV comedy to networks like Netflix, where nobody questions the fact there’s a talking ape in the room. He’s always going through zany adventures, changing jobs, finding love interests, and being followed by¬†decidedly deceivable evil. The funny part is he’ll always have a good time doing it (or at least we will laughing at all of his misfortunes).

Arbys the Silverback Gorilla - Shirt Mock

Besides the point, this new design shows off our (future?) protagonist working his expo-desk job failing to make the sale again and again. I brought some character to his daily cubicle, and tried to embrace tiny things close to him, including his love for bowling, bananas, and stress-relieving rubber ducks. For now it stands as a clever (maybe?) little design for a t-shirt or just about anything that Redbubble will print a graphic on. One day years from now, you might be scrolling through that huge Netflix library or Adult Swim late at night, and find that this actually evolved into a full fledged creation. Most likely not, but it’s a dream of many I will have tucked away in my crazy-crowded mind.

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