Gongbat (Devlog 004) – World Map and Screenplay

Did this guy write The NeverEnding Story?

Who in their right mind would add multiple weeks more work to an already gigantic project for one person? This guy! (Maybe he has gone a little off the deep-end?)

That’s right; sadly my overly ambitious mind will never seem to be happy with what is already in place, anytime. With all of these wonderful new additions to an already very well received shooter game, I could not help but notice that this “things are happening” story line ultimately falls flat like a week old Coke. To put it shortly: It sucks! If writers were to pitch this thing to a movie company, they would most likely be laughed out of the room and wonder if they are on some kind of horrid prank television show.

Okay, it’s not that bad. Alas, it definitely needs some major work! And with that note, I would like to share some of the neoteric jazz as of the past week.

Gongbat World Map

The full world map where everything happens in Gongbat. A tiny but manageable planet!

They Actually All Live Somewhere?

It’s actually news to me as well! For the first time ever, I have sat down and designed the geographic locations of all of the different scenes appearing in the game (and more)! Every place has a fully finalized title, and they are all pieced together as logically as I could possibly gather. The main story line to Gongbat- that is being reworked immensely- can be found strung together in the bottom west of the world as follows: Aderus (now a spiritual refuge, including a bit more than just the caverns), Sil Scrap, Trinity Radio Towers, New Metro, and Hark Studios (more about this motive change later).

Gongbat World Map Main

A zoomed view of the areas pertaining to the main adventure appearing soonest in the game.

Major changes and planned additions to the plot in Gongbat had me spending all day on this design. It was much needed and well worth it though (you will most likely see this world map again in the game). All of the planned level additions can be found with dots near the location name. Spoilers are not hugely apparent, but whether they are located in a spiritual area, mountain range, or how far from home they would be is notated.

Some of you might be questioning this new “spiritual” idea I keep bringing up. There will be more information on the way a bit later, but for now I will reveal that our protagonists are now much in the realm of paranormal territories. Vesting from influences in stories like “Spirited Away” and “Avatar: The Last Airbender” (both are highly recommended), Gongbat and Siren (the female pairing) are now dubbed ancient spiritual creatures that exist to keep other evil spirits (such as the Gegasaur) at peace. There is a constant struggle in these different spiritual hotspots between good and evil, but both are needed in order to keep serenity. Our protagonists exist to protect the abilities and freedoms of sound. Don’t fray: with all of this serious babbling backstory the writing will absolutely continue to flaunt all of its whimsical and comical charms.

Seeing as how technologically advanced human life has become in the world of Gongbat, some might question why they have yet to colonize most areas on the map. My answer: long-distance space travel has absolutely become an advancement at this point in their history. This is not the first world inhabited by humans (there will be more hints towards this concept in the Kousati level), nor will it be the last. Humans have also learned to live in harmony with spiritual entities, and attempts from others to defeat them or destroy spiritually active areas lead to failure. Sapient life usually just stays far away, and they become something of neighbors with tall, tall fences.


Meet Gongzilla. He likes to visit Tokyo and eat a lot of sushi!

So We Heard You like Screenplays

In order to properly achieve a well intertwined, meaningful plot for Gongbat, I am taking the liberty of writing flowcharts, outlines, and a full screenplay- the whole shebang! Newly organized motives for all leading characters, au courant side characters with better animated expressions, and freshly whipped dialogue are only a few of the planned factors you can expect to find. I will be sharing snippets of this story line as I write for those who are interested. Once all is said and done, there should be two feature length films worth of content (one half of which I have considered adapting- no jokes!). I am hoping to work on story elements on the side of the rest of my development process, on the side from my full time job. There just never is enough time!

Slowly but surely. A final note would advertise just a couple of wizardly useful books I have been reading. “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg, and “30-Minute Social Media Marketing” by Susan Gunelius. I have already noticed big changes in my productivity and marketing strategies from reading less than half of each. I couldn’t recommend them both enough for those looking to strengthen good habits and production, or running your own business/studio.

As always, thanks for reading, and until next week-

Your friendly neighborhood game developer,


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