Gongbat (Devlog 005) – Storyline Update Pt. 1

Gongbat Devlog 005

Pictured above is one of my personal favorite Gongbat threads, the “Prototype”!

Bring in the Fiction

Bonsoir Gongbat buffs and readers galore. Since the last update post, a lot of quirky storyline business has afoot. The major plot line used in Gongbat (version 0.1.0) has been metaphorically twisted, flipped, chopped, chewed up like Roddy Piper’s bubblegum, and ran over by a wild pack of Smart car-wildebeest hybrids. Okay, maybe not that much has been adapted- many of the original characters still thrive (and almost burn) in the spotlight, and the Gongbat still parallels that of a superhero’s victim-savior tale. Alas, eleven four-ton trucks carrying backstory elements managed to pile-up on my work desk this week.

First news to indulge: the screenplay eluded to almost two weeks back is underway, and comparably as smooth as I Can’t Believe It’s Not Vaseline. To avoid lots of major spoilers here on the devlog, I will not be posting much of the written screenplay or story elements in general particularly hither (more about spoilers later though). Just to throw anyone interested an example of what exactly a dialogue piece will emulate, I have pulled an official excerpt below.

Screenplay Example Dialogue:

Hey buddy! You’re still asleep?!

Gongbat and Siren, the strongest protective spirits of Aderus speak via telepathy with other creatures.

Ugh… Nocturnal, remember?

No excuse! You promised!

Promised what exactly?

To let me come with you! To fight
all of the grumped up spirits!

I did? Are you sure?

Weeks ago! Siren said so!

Oh. Makes sense- now I get the full

Gongbat yawns, then flips right-side-up.

Well let’s get a move on.

Comet the Mistwalker Concept

An early concept sketch of Comet, sidekick of the Gongbat in Siren’s absence.

Every Hero Needs a Daring Sidekick

If you had managed to notice in the dialogue above, a new character named “Comet” has appeared. This young and ambitious Mistwalkera crustacean spirit animal who lives in the Aderus Cavernsconjoins the trio of major protagonists found in the game. Bearing long shielded limbs, a gorilla-like stance due to shortened hind legs, and an always welcomed cute-Poké-esque polarization, Comet has tethered a primeval attraction. Limber enough to fit in tiny spaces and be easily transported via flight, I think he will fit into the world created thus far, staggeringly well.

Gongbat Devlog 005 Midpost 1

The Gongkoi will be redone completely in the next story update. Rest assured, our fishbowl friend is staying for good!

A Gigantic Basin of Chemical “Anti-Writer’s Block”

-may have managed to spill into my coffee this Monday morning. Fingers are crossed I can achieve bestseller status without the use of cream and sugar.

Jokes aside, the addition relishing a fantastic amount of major and minor characters of late has made way into state-of-the-art subplots and backstories. Hark is going to be back, better than ever, with a fully realized history, parents, lifestyle, and motive. The world they all live in now has a name: Etaera, the only known galactic space where inter-dimensional mystics and humans live together. Gordon the go-lucky henchman… still sucks at his job, but now has horrible friends! It’s all surely exciting frankness, and sometimes comical jargon. All the while, you would best believe that our little Gongbat is reaching neoteric levels of indie-game status never reached before.

Gongbat Devlog 005 Midpost 2

A homepage screenshot of the Official Gongbat Wiki.

“Official”-ly Off the Deep End

Paving way for a hopeful film adaptation (the joker in the room actually can be serious after all), a seemingly infinite number of insane story annexations are going to be readily public via an Official Gongbat Wiki. You may have thought the crazy man has gone a bit overboard before, but rest assured, we finally all have proof. The truth is, with an expected long running script for dialogue and events, organization will be an important piece to the puzzle. Rather than paper-and-penning all of the needed backstory information to write a cohesive, emotional plot, I have decided to push everything public- spoilers welcome. For those interested, be sure to snoop around the 30 or so pages curated so far, and check the wiki regularly for updates. Only read major plot pages at your own risk!

Could I Invite Porky Pig?

“Th-tha-tha-that’s all folks!” Oops! Final notes to include in this devlog follow:

Developer Heavy: I recently moved the project from an old release of GameMaker: Studio v1.4 over to GMS version 2.0. Reluctant to buy the new license due to expensive looking exports, I am happy to say that the transition was surprisingly fluid and the updated IDE is a dream to use. This should boost development times exponentially and I am feeling highly motivated using the cleaner, more organized environment.

Connecting from Meetup: Using the wizardly cool Meetup web and mobile applications, I managed to crawl from my crypt studio-bedroom more than once this week, and met up with other developers in the area. I joined both the Coal Creek Game Devs’ “Pizza and Projects” meeting in Youngstown, OH on Monday, as well as the Cleveland Game Developers meet n’ greet at Phoenix Coffee Co on Tuesday. I ended up having a blast and met lots of new friends working in the field during the process. In the future I will be joining more of these and documenting as much as I can of what is going on there as well. Expect Gongbat and Moonvalk to show up at some conferences eventually, with time!

Ninten-DO or Ninten-DON’T?: YoYo Games recently revealed a much anticipated export module coming soon, being Nintendo Switch support. I really need your opinions in order to justify whether launching on a console would be worth looking into, please let me know if Gongbat would be a Switch title you’re interested in!

Everyone: After long discussion with friends (and myself in mirrors- or something like that), Gongbat is decidedly to be shifting from a free GameJolt-only PC title to an early access-style Steam release. The amount of working I am throwing into the game alone at this point means I have to commercialize it somehow, regardless of plans to have an ad-based free mobile application. Hopefully everyone supports this decision and I am excited to see where it takes us in the coming weeks.

Your friendly neighborhood game developer,


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