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New Song + Music Video Project (Update 001)

 Just Because! As some of my longer-time followers may know, I am very interested in music creation/composition. I play four different instruments currently (guitar, drums, keyboard, and newly violin), and write much more...

Floating Lamp Sculpture - Concept 0

Floating Lamp Sculpture Project

The most common facet of modern artwork and cultural aura is dominated by that of digital media. All modern advertising companies would exclaim a marketing campaign to be a lost cause without forms of...

Devlog 001 0

Gongbat (Devlog 001) – Kousati Update Features

What the- a Gongbat update!? That’s right! Be warned traveller, this is the mother of all updates. Below is a compilation showing off all of those fancy new features. New Kousati Level & Limbo Gong The main...