Take down colossal bosses, tear apart the world around you, and summon the powers of sound.

The Gongbat is an ancient creature that conceals the ability to pull energy from sound around it. Better yet, when in the presence of ringing prehistoric gongs it changes its form completely, gaining strange new abilities. Legend says it's the most powerful creature in existance...

But when a crazed scientist named Flinto Hark comes looking for a power source, we may find our nocturnal hero in some trouble. Will our legend die? Or can you help stop Hark and his goons, and all of the biological abominations along the way?
  • Gongbat features explosive gameplay in both a storyline and arcade setting.
  • Change forms in order to defeat 13 unique bosses as you travel around Gongbat's crazy world.
  • Play the hero and earn over 30 trophies and 4 different gongs.
  • Finally, compete against the rest of the world and test your strength in the global high scores!


Gongbat is currently available for Windows OS, but will soon be free on both iOS and android devices as well. Make sure to sign in with your Game Jolt account for trophies and more!

(Updated April 22, 2015)


You can also stream and download the full 28-minute soundtrack, Pixel Fury, on Bandcamp!

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