Argent Saga – Vector Illustrations

Argent Saga is a new Trading Card Game that launched mid-2019. Over the summer and fall seasons, I joined the game’s parent company as their Lead Graphic Designer and Web Manager. I assisted in many facets of the game’s launch and first few months on the market- including the design of many products. I illustrated vector art pieces that now appear on t-shirts, posters, packaging, and even cards played in the game.
Merchandise for all

It only makes sense that Amikon (the parent company of the Argent Saga TCG) would use their beautiful commissioned art pieces from the game in the merchandise. However, issues arose when our design team went to scale said artwork up as the original resolution of pieces had failed to be big enough for even poster-size prints. The previous art director had not thought this through early on.
My solution was to bring the most popular characters featured in play into a more modern looking vector-style. This allowed us to scale the artwork to whatever size needed, and also saved big on color costs when printing to wearable merch.