Eontrip (Concept Game)

Eontrip is a concept project that was built from the ground up for a week long game creation competition. It is based loosely on the 1985 flick “Back to the Future.” Players must combat enemies from the top of a time-traveling VW van in a retro-arcade format.
Awards and Acclaim

The full game was created by myself in under 8 days time. This includes all artwork, sound, animation, programming, conceptual work, and more. It won 23rd place overall out of 113+ entries, as well as:
Eontrip is considered an unfinished project due to time constraints that were placed during its creation. That being said, I believe there is a lot of potential gravitating around this small proof of concept that actually came to fruition. When the time arises, I would love to bring this tiny gem to the mobile iOS/Android market as a pick-up-and-play arcade title.