Argent Saga – Logo Designs

Argent Saga is a new Trading Card Game that launched mid-2019. Over the summer and fall seasons, I joined the game’s parent company as their Lead Graphic Designer and Web Manager. I assisted in many facets of the game’s launch and first few months on the market- including the design of logos for sets and advertising.
“Text sells”

Being a card game that takes place in some mythic medieval era of time, Argent Saga’s logos needed to fit the game’s fantasy style and aesthetics. They also needed attractive features that grab the eye. There’s a fine line between a diversity that translates to memorability, and simply being too far outside of player expectations. A design that is too difficult to understand might lose potential sales. Finding this medium is essential.

Each design I created for the game pulled directly from the plot of each set being released at the time. They went through a plethora of renditions to even find a matching font and icons for recognition. Logo design is a fantastic form of art blended within advertising that I will forever be passionate about. Some may consider it a hobby, but as time tells usually only the good logos will ever survive.