Argent Saga – Motion Graphics and Live Stream

Argent Saga is a new Trading Card Game that launched mid-2019. Over the summer and fall seasons, I joined the game’s parent company as their Lead Graphic Designer and Web Manager. I assisted in many facets of the game’s launch and first few months on the market. This included designing all of their motion graphics for advertisements, as well as creating, conceptualizing, and directing live the official gameplay stream at events.
*Music (in order): “Night at the Museum Main Theme” (for test purposes only)
“Air Moonvalk”, “The Eyes in the Dark”, “The Den”, and “Ready or Not” (Gongbat)
The animated shards from the game required 3D modeling. In order to bring characters to life, I sliced out objects from card artwork and animated them. The stream required conceptualizing a design that would fit their unique style of gameplay. It also required setting up multiple cameras, TV studio switchers, mics and audio equipment for announcers, and supervising the sport as it played out live.