Argent Saga – Official Website

Argent Saga is a new Trading Card Game that launched mid-2019. Over the summer and fall seasons, I joined the game’s parent company as their Lead Graphic Designer and Web Manager. I assisted in many facets of the game’s launch and first few months on the market. This included designing and managing their website, online store, social media presence, card database, and more.
*Music “Adar Would Be Proud” (Gongbat)
Most often when designing a successful website, one would prefer to steer clear of using too many large images. However, the client requested when building this TCG network that it take advantage of the gorgeous commissioned artwork that can be seen in the game itself. Although load speed became an issue in doing so early on, the professional look that I accomplished was accepted by the large majority of fans who came for information and/or merchandise.
The Official Argent Saga Website was built on WordPress with many tools and plugins. I created the look of the website from scratch, as well as many other front-end features. It was also expanded to support a fully functioning card database, online store, and interactive prize wall.