Gongbat is a surreal-retro shooter game for PC, and is now also in development for iOS, Android, and consoles. The game currently features a story mode with over an hour of gameplay, tons of trophies and collectable costumes, and an arcade survival mode where players compete for highscores.
Persistence as a solo developer

Gongbat has been a long term project of mine for a number of years. Piecing an entire large-scale video game together by yourself can be rewarding, but it’s also a daunting endeavor.
An unaccompanied developer must learn and master a whole slew of skills in order to even begin this truly independent form of design. Need artwork for a new character? How about a script that allows said character to move on the screen, and process collisions with other characters? Or a slew of animations to make this thing more alive? Sound effects? Story? Unaccompanied development requires a developer with true persistence to create.
The Future

Although Gongbat has been around for a number of years now, there’s still so much I would love to do with the project. It’s long from finished, at least in my eyes. Definitely keep a look out for what’s to come.
bats? and gongs?

Since a young age, I took on a passion for creating things, and video game development definitely followed suit. I find an immense amount of joy in telling stories like these. I love to immerse an audience in a world completely different from our own- treating the experience as a vacation from ordinary life. The skills I have picked up from creating a project this scale by myself are invaluable.