Pre-2019 Concepts and Illustrations

Since starting this portfolio of my work, I have been back and forth on how exactly to show off a lot of my work that dates back to before the year of 2019. A lot of these projects were too small to demand a whole post about, but collectively they help show my vast skill set in design, production, and illustration.

This post will outline these many freelance/personal designs that appeared before entering a more professional role with my career.
Logo Designs


An upcoming mobile puzzle game that’s about finding impostor sea life. There will be more details out soon.
JMB Tree Service

An Ohio-based full tree servicing company.
Dobson Excavating

An Ohio-based excavating company. Pictured is a concept sheet that included the working designs for both the final and a chosen alternative logo to be used situation-ally on printed media.
Moonvalk Studios

The official logo of the studio website you are currently visiting. Fun fact: not only is this logo based on my longtime running retro shooter project, Gongbat, it also uses negative space to form an “M” above the yellow character, which can be interpreted as a “V” by its general bottom edge.
Indie Network

A collaborative project currently on hiatus that was designed to be a social network specifically for game developers.
Radical Scrabble

A Scrabble-inspired puzzle game by Bret Hudson.
Facility Compliance Solutions

A business compliance provider that specializes in fire-stopping, construction, and OSHA safety procedures. They work directly with the entire Cleveland branch of University Hospitals on a plethora of projects. Fun fact: I worked for this company for a short period of time and also helped manage their website.

Hex Club Album Art

Single artwork for a song that I wrote called “Hex Club.” This piece used a physical voodoo doll prop that I created from masking tape and photographed, then digitally introduced into the rest of the beach environment.
Lost in Space

Originally album artwork for an electronic LP.
“Deafened Love”

Conceptual artwork to be featured in an alternative puppet motion music video.

Conceptual artwork done with 3D models of plastic toys that would appear in game.
Gravedigger Milo

A still of pixel art pulled from the game Gongbat. The gravediggers are a crew of misfits that travel the galaxy in search of ancient treasures in order to… fight boredom.

A still of pixel art pulled from the game Gongbat. This is an unfinished boss who wakes from the dead and shoots toxic waste from cannons on their back.

A surrealist acrylic painting set in the fantasy world of my novel “Veska Hisk” that is still currently being written.

A surrealist acrylic/mixed media piece set in the fantasy world of my novel “Veska Hisk” that is still currently being written.
Arbys the Silverback Paper Salesman

This is an early conceptual piece based on a humorous TV show idea involving a talking gorilla who works a desk job. Nobody questions this characters existence. It’s very much in the vein of Monty Python and the like.
Naomi Watts

A comic-style illustration of Naomi Watts as Ann in Peter Jackson’s King Kong.
Kalamari Jukebox

An illustration that won a gold certification in the Northeast Ohio Craftsman Club during my youth. I combined a squid creature with a mechanical body.
Character Concepts


A 3D modeled and rigged monkey spirit character designed for play in an arcade game.
“P0lycargo” Alien Delivery Crew

A crew of misfit aliens that I designed for a weekend game development competition called the Ludum Dare 42. These are characters that would appear in future builds of the game’s story mode.
“Polycargo” Arlo & Nova

Sentient aliens that were designed to be kid-friendly and like-able as protagonists. This also includes important objects doubling as story elements.
“Polycargo” Bothra – The Captain

The captain and potential antagonist in the jam game that I helped create, Polycargo.
“Gongbat” Protagonists

The most important protagonists appearing in my passion project, Gongbat.

A banished spirit who travels the deserts of Kousati in search of treasure.

A wandering sorcerer that I sculpted from clay by hand and then painted. This concept character went through multiple design stages and utilized the final sculpture to get a realistic depiction of style and design.

An alien creature created with charcoal and chalk pastels.